History of the sisters in the spirit of houston

The National Black Sisters Conference hosted the National Gathering for Black Catholic Women, July 27-29, 2001, in Charlotte, North Carolina. The opportunity of a lifetime was presented to Catholic women in the then Diocese of Galveston-Houston when the Office of African American Ministries invited women from parishes with an African American presence to participate in this historic experience. Many women responded to the call, and they met at the Chancery at St. Dominic in the spring of 2001 for informational meetings. The Houston group had high energy as they made their decision to attend. “Sisters in the Spirit” was the name chosen for the Houston group and committees were put in place to plan the trip. The majority of the women chose to travel to the conference by bus. A 28-hour bus trip to Charlotte would give the women opportunities to network, share personal stories, build relationships, and bond as Christian women. Bishop Joseph Fiorenza graciously donated funds for a charter bus; the women registered, selected workshops, ordered tee shirts, were interviewed and photographed.

History - the special mass

Prior to the trip, Monsignor Patrick Wells celebrated a special Mass for the Sisters In the Spirit at Warren Chapel, where he challenged the women and sent them forth to learn, network, return and evangelize. He also encouraged the Sisters to be bold in sharing their faith experiences and become more involved in ministry. The group grew to 53 women, and they set individual goals and expectations for attending this historic event. Twenty years later, the membership of Sisters In the Spirit of Houston has grown to 175 women who are involved in ministry throughout the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and photographed.

Our Mission: To be Christ to others

The Sisters in the Spirit of Houston, Inc., is a lay service organization founded in July 2001 to support women through prayer and supplication and provide service and support where needed. As a group of Catholic Women of African Descent, our purpose shall be actualized through the work of the Sisters in providing love, support, and spiritual and social fellowship. With a praying spirit, the Sisters in the Spirit of Houston, Inc., shall serve parishes and the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston through various ministries. Membership shall be open to Catholic women of African descent in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and in the church at large.

sisters in the spirit logo

The official logo of the organization is a white dove descending, signifying the presence of the Holy Spirit and its descent upon us, in a red circle representing the never-ending love of the sisterhood. The name of the organization is in white expanding the circumference of the red circle. The color Red represents the Holy Spirit; the color White represents purity and sanctity; the color Black represents service. 


SIS members accept certain responsibilities along with the privileges of membership.  along with the privileges of membership.

  • Attend meetings regularly
  • Pay dues annually
  • Engage in active service to the Church and community
  • Take an active part in prayer services and events
  • Work to attain self-selected goal
  • Be a worthy representative of Sisters in the Spirit at all times.


Formal attire — A black garment with red Sisters in the Spirit scarf
Casual attire — Black polo shirt with the official logo

RED SCARF — The red scarf is a part of our formal attire and a visible symbol of the Sisters in the Spirit of Houston. It is a symbol of being vested in the organization.

RED ROSE — The red rose is the organization’s official flower. It represents sacrifice, immortal love, health, memorial, and passion. The most common interpretation is that the rose symbolizes an immortal love or a union that will never fade, even through time or death. Historiclly, in Christian lore, a rose bush was said to have grown at the site of Christ’s death. His blood is often associated with a red rose and combined with its thorns, symbolizes the ultimate sacrifi