Sisters in the Spirit of Houston, Inc.

"To Be Christ to Others"

WE: Serve - Inspire - Seek - Teach - Evangelize - renew - Support - Involve - Nurture - Thani - Help - Educate - Sing - Pray - Invite _ Remember-Rejoice-Recognize - Intercede - Tolerate

The Sisters in the Spirit of Houston, Inc., (SIS) is a 501c3 non-profit organization, registered in the State of Texas. SIS is a lay service organization in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston designed to support women and the community through prayer and supplication, service projects, spiritual fellowship and learning events. SIS was establised in 200l, prior to the first National Gathering of Black  Catholic Women in Charlotte, NC, hosted by the National Black Sisters Conference (NBSC).

Lent is a season of reflection and spiritual growth.
It is a time of Prayer. It is a time to Fast. It is a time to reach out in Charity.

Giving Up (Sacrifice) or Taking On (Contribution) or both, contemplate on the following Bible verse for this week  Will it be a secret between you and God?
“And when you fast, do not look gloomy like the hypocrites…But when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, that your fasting may not be seen by others but by your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” (Matthew 6:16-18)e

Friends of Delille-Houston

Henriette Delille's canonization process was initiated in April 1988 by Archbishop Philip Hannan of New Orleans. It was reviewed by special commission in Rome who gave permission to officially open the process in June 1988.


Memories need to be shs Serviared: Sisters in the Spirit of Houston’ces, Events,


It will be our highest honor to intercede for you, as you seek God for His answer to your special needs. Share your praise report with us! We rejoice with you when your prayers are answered..

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Religion and Spirituality Podcasts with Fr. Reginald Samuels, Vicar for Catholics of Arrican Descent
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Venerable Henriette DeLille Mass or Remembrance
Saturday, May 18, 2024 - St. Monica Catholic Church - 10:00 AM
Principal Celebrant: Bishop Italo Dell'Oro, C.R.S.
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Business Meetings

Monday of January each year is to conduct business of the organization. New officers of the organization shall be installed during the Annual Meeting if following the election of officers.

The SIS Membership Business Meetings  are held the third Monday of the months of March, May, September and November.

Prayer Services

For spiritual support, services are held at 6:30 pm on the third Monday of the months of February, April and October and are opened to the general public. Register in advance for the SIS Prayer Services.  Meeting Registration Link

After registering, a confirmation email containing information about joining the prayer service will be sent. 


Events for the organization include retreats, and prayer services for spiritual development and renewal. They alternate every other year. The annual Christmas celebration is held in December and is designed for fellowship and sharing


Activities include special projects hosted by Committees and may include professional development and learning events, community outreach projects, and service project.

To Be Christ to Others

--Our Mission - -

S – Serve
I  – Inspire
S – Seek
T – Teach
E – Evangelize
R – Renew
S – Support

I – Involve
N – Nurture

T – Thank
H – Help
E – Educate

S – Sing
P – Pray
I  – Invite
R – Remember
I  – Intercede
T – Tolerate

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We are proud of our prayer blankets

There is nothing to write here, they just needed to seen.

Learn MORE ABOUT Henriette Delille and Friends of Delille-Houston

.She lived a holy life, caring for the sick, the orphaned, the aged, the forgotten.

First new orleans saint woman

.Henriette Delille’s canonization process was initiated in April 1988 by Archbishop Philip Hannan of New Orleans. It was reviewed by a special commission in Rome which gave permission to officially open the process in June 1988. On Saturday, March 27, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI signed a decree advancing the cause of sainthood of Henriette Delille, declaring this this exemplary woman lived a life of “heroic virtue” and declared her Venerable. Venerable Delille set aside the life expected of her as a free Black woman in the 1840s to live for God.